How to make a remote control quadcopter at home

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Before you are planning to build your own quadcopter, you must decide quality of the parts that you are planning to purchase. Drone is not only RC flying device but also it is having excellent capability to take excellent photos and record stunning videos. Wide ranges of the drones are available in online which might range from design, size and properties. In a modern world most of the people love to build drones at home. In case you are having question about how to build a remote control quadcopter at your home then you must require certain components such as:

  • motors
  • frame
  • electronic speed control
  • propellers, connectors
  • batteries and mounting pad.

Transmitter is radio control that you might be used to communicate with the UAV (Unmanned elevated vehicle). Different sorts of the transmitters are available which is categorized by number of channels, brand and recurrence.

For a quadcopter, you must require minimum of four channel transmitter. Control board is considered as brain of quadcopter because it can control how motors work. While choosing flight control board, it is crucial to remember that all flight control sheet could not be created equivalent. Hardware speed controllers and flight control board is crucial one to build quadcopter.

Making frame is first step and suppose you choose wood for frame then your wood board is longer than 60cm. The next thing, you must to drill holes in frame for motors based on distance between screw holes on motors. Once you successfully mount motor, you have to mount speed controllers. It is always connect speed controller on bottom side of frame. Add landing gear is crucial one while landing your UAV because it might reduce shock during drone land on the solid ground. Each flying drone must have control system which allows drone to be stable in air.

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